This Site is the Blog for Special Needs Toys Online and Funtastic Learning Toys

During his or her early childhood development, each child needs to develop personally and progress educationally to become a successful, well-adjusted adult. However, no one can fully develop and grow without help, including children with special needs. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to help your child learn and grow—by using toys that are fun, engaging, and educational. Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co. has two specific divisions that offer fun educational toys for kids.

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Special Needs Toys Online

Special Needs Toys Online provides products for the personal development of special needs children. These products can help your child strengthen these different focus areas: basic life skills, physical fitness and development, sensory stimulation, and creative and pretend play.

Areas of Focus
Basic Life Skills
Addition & Subtraction
Colors, Shapes, & Sizes
Community Living
Food & Nutrition
Handwriting Skills
Letters & Alphabet
Physical Fitness & Development
Balance & Coordination
Blocks & Construction
Exercise & Game Balls
Mats, Climbers, & Tunnels
Pegs & Peg Boards
Playground Equipment
Ride-Ons & Tricycles
Audio Visual Stimulation
Sand & Water Play
Smart Talk
Tactile Perception
Creative & Pretend Play
Career Dress-Up
Cultural Dress-Up
Fantasy Dress-Up
Dolls & Clothes
Kitchens & Play Food
Money & Shopping
Imaginative Playsets
Puppets & Theaters

Funtastic Learning Toys

Funtastic Learning Toys, our second division, provides supplemental resources to parents and caregivers to assist a special needs child's education and development. These toys and products can improve development at home, homeschool, daycare, or school.

Areas of Focus
Home School
Critical Thinking
Electronic Learning
Language Arts
Social Studies
Special Needs
Parent Resources
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts Paper
Arts & Craft Materials
Art Desks & Easels
Aprons & Gloves
Canvas & Mat Frames
Chalk, Crayon, Marker, Pencil
Clay, Dough, Plaster
Craft Kits & Activity Books
Glue & Adhesives
Laminating Film
Paint Accessories
Rubbing Plates
Sketch Art Sheets
Music CDs for Fun & Fitness
Music Learning Activities
Musical Instruments
Parent & Teacher
Classroom Activities
Cross-Curriculum Resources
Differentiated Learning
Flannel Board
First Aid & Safety
Incentives & Motivators
Learning Centers
Plan & Record Books
Reference Materials
Skill Builders
Stamps & Stamp Pads
Test Prep
School & Daycare
Bulletin Board Sets.
Classroom & Library
Classroom Decorations
Classroom Technology
Furniture & Equipment
Paper & Supplies
Bulletin Board & Kraft Rolls
Card Stock
Chart Tablets
Construction Paper
Contact Paper
Drawing Paper
Easel Pads
Handwriting Paper
News Print
Poster Board
Tag Board
Clips & Fasteners
Drawing Instruments
Paper Trimmers
Pens, Pencils & Markers
Scissors & Racks
Tape & Dispensers
Our aim is to help all kids reach their full potential, and we know there’s no better way to help kids grow than by giving them something fun to participate in and a task they truly love. Visit our sites and look through our products below to find toys for special needs children, including sensory stimulation toys.